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Today is my 16th Year Anniversary with SFI!

Sixteen years ago, on February 18th 1999, I received an email from my good friend, the late Richard Strayer. May your soul rest in eternal peace my friend.

I read his email and knew immediately I wanted to join. The company, SFI. I clicked the “Join Free” button, filled out the short form and on February 18th, 1999 became the next SFI affiliate.

I’m not going to sit here and say my beginning was easy, but my sponsor never let me get disappointed. I can still hear him telling me, never listen to failure, never let disappointments set you back. If you let just one affect you, you’ll walk away and never find success. As long as you learn from your failures and disappointments, you will find success. He told me failures fade away, but successes duplicate. I never ever forgot this!

I didn’t have much of a budget, so I spent a lot of my time placing tons of ads in the free advertising sites. Over the next few months, I enrolled a few affiliates. I eventually started making just enough to cover my monthly SFI Costs. I began using my little profits in paid advertising sites. On July 8th 2000, I enrolled my first serious affiliate. September 2nd 2000, I enrolled my second serious affiliate. I say serious affiliate because both are still with me today and are Team Leaders. Thanks guys!

My success with SFI hasn’t been done with dozens and dozens of affiliates; it was built on less than a handful of serious affiliates. One of the things the top people in SFI have known, was it’s all about duplication. That’s why in January, SFI introduced “The Plan,” if you haven’t read it, please go to; I love the plan because it is the true way to build your downline – through duplication.

I have a few figures I want to share with you. It shows the power of duplication. And it was done on just a handful of serious, dedicated affiliates:

* Through 12 levels, I have over 210,000 SFI affiliates.
* Through 12 levels, I have approximately 444 Team Leaders.
* Through 12 levels, my downline is averaging around 700 new affiliates per day.

I wanted to share these figures with you only to show true duplication in action. This all started for me with “0” affiliates on my first generation and “0” affiliates in my down line. Every single person who enrolls in SFI starts exactly in the same place. The difference between Leaders and those who walk away is simple, leaders don’t let failures, disappointments and setbacks affect them. They learn and continue!

The last thing I want to add is I strongly believe in a strong supportive Sponsor! If you haven’t read, “Learn How to Become a Great Sponsor and explode your income via Duplication,” then please read it! It can be found at the bottom of your Scoreboard page. Look to your sponsor for help and guidance, if your sponsor can’t or isn’t able to help, use your up line for support. This is why SFI lists your up line.
Whatever you do; never ever quit! Accept the fact that you are going to face setbacks! Persevere and success will follow!

I want to thank my Sponsor, my entire downline and especially my Personally Sponsored Affiliates!

I want to also give a Special Thanks to Gery and Bonnie Carson and the entire staff at Carson services.

Here’s to another fabulous 16+ years!

Thanks everyone,